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Our cleaning team has experience to make sure we get the job done right and give you peace of mind.

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    While you can specify which areas you would like to have cleaned, our teams typically clean your entire home, top to bottom. There is no inch of your home that doesn't get noticeably cleaned by our teams.

    There is no better way to be safe and sure about what kind of people you are hiring than knowing their reputation and reviews. Speaking of which, Brazilian Star Cleaning has over 16 years of 5-star reviews and plenty of references for you - just ask and we'll get you in touch!

    To schedule online, all you have to do is fill out the form you see here on our website. Once we know a little bit about your home and the type of cleaning service you need, you just schedule your date and time for your clean! You'll receive a confirmation once you've been officially placed on our cleaning schedule.

    Absolutely! You can reach us at 206-465-2290 during regular business hours.

    For cancellations and rescheduling up to 24 hours before, we charge 1/2 of the cleaning fee. Cancellations and rescheduling on the same day of cleaning will be charged the full amount of cleaning.

    Your zip code helps us find the right team for your area and also determines the pricing.

    Our cleaning maids come prepared with their own supplies, including paper towels, vacuums and green products that you can be sure will be safe for your children and pets.

    Count on Brazilian Star Cleaning for high quality service

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