“Ale has a gifted hands for cleaning. I’m blessed to have Her cleaning my house. She surprise by her attitude and respect toward others. The first time i met Alexandra, she took off her shoes to come inside my house. While We were talking and I was showing her the house, I noticed that she was She analyzing the house, looking and pointing places that had to be cleaned. Another thing that also surprised me was that she looked under the Kids’ beds and found dirty plates with rest of food on it, candy’s paper and more garbage. I was trully surprise with the messy because I had a company responsible for cleaning my house once a week. At her first day cleaning my house Alexandra did a deep cleaning that resulted in 4 bags of garbage. She takes care of my house like her own, her hygiene cleaning process is exceptional. She never use the same gloves to clean kitchen and bathroom what for me is extremely important and the towels used in the cleaning process are clean white, no dirty white. In the bathroom, She washes all the shower and glass with soap and bleach, no just wipe with windex. Another plus is the way she cleans the toilet. She wash it in a way that I can’t smell pee anymore. In the kitchen her cleaning process was a miracle, I don’t know how but she was able to recover my stove. Ale is great, she is super active, full of energy and she develops her work fast and efficient. I can’t catch up with her work because she is always moving around to make sure that all spots are been cleaned. Ale has the best cleaning skills ever. She takes care of all details, always overcoming my expectations. She is a trustful person, I gave the key of my house to her. I totally recommend her service. Her cleaning is from the top to the bottom. She deserve every penny paid for her service. My whole family adore her, my kid’s allergy are much better after she started working with us. She is not just a housekeeper anymore. She became a part of our family.”

Jessica M

“After going through several housekeepers I finally found Ale. I have worked with her for several years now and I’m so happy with their work, professionalism and communication. I have a VERY hairy dog and they always get up all the hair in all the hard to reach places. I recommend her to friends often and I am a very happy customer! She is incredibly kind and hard working and I can’t say enough good things about her.”

Maria F

“Hi Ale. Thank you so much for finding my envelope with all that money. I was going crazy looking for it. Thought I had definitely lost it. My trust in you increased to 110%. You have no idea how happy I am. Thank you so very much. I am leaving a little something for you as an appreciation.”

Monica V

“Ale has been working for me for 3 years. She has proven to be a trustworthy person I leave my house in her hands and have never had a single problem. Ale is very honest, hardworking, and always on time. She delivers what she promises and often exceeds my expectations. Each year when I vacation abroad, I entrust Ale with my home and my property until I return, and I always find everything in order. I don t think of Ale as just my cleaning lady, because she treats my house and personal items with such care, and she gives me advice on how to improve the organization of my household.”

Anne J

“Ale Ramos has kept my house sparkling clean and spotless for several years now. It is such a delight to come home after a long day at work and see that Ale has worked her magic. She makes my life so much easier. She is reliable and dependable, works around my schedule, and attends to details that never occur to me. I also respect Ale for her dedication to exceptional work and for her integrity. I honestly do not know where I could ever find someone to replace her. “

Monica C

“I called Ale at last minute. I was anxious to come home after the cleaning to see what I would find. When I entered my house I couldn’t stop smiling. The house had been cleaned top to bottom, basement, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms; I was very pleased. She cleaned every single dirty spot; under the couch and wall boards. The other thing I was really impressed about was the kitchen exhaust fan hood, which was soaked in dirty grease. It is really hard to clean it and most of the housekeepers don’t do that. She also charges less than the other house cleaning companies that I had before. That’s why I can have Ale coming every week instead of bi-weekly. I bragged about her at work and several co-workers became interested in her service which was excellent. I recommended her to my Neighbor who is also very pleased and satisfied about the work she has done. She provides me the best quality of service. To be honest, I think before this cleaning, I never knew the meaning of the word clean. I’ m extremely happy and I’m looking forward to my next cleaning.”

Ludimillah T